OK guys and gals. It’s been… awhile…. since I’ve posted anything on here. I’ve missed my old blogging schedule and just being able to sit down and write. Oh my goodness, it’s been so long, I just misspelled “write.” Oy! I need to drink some NingXia Red now! lol

The truth is, I have added a lot to my plate these days (at least, it seems like a lot to me), and I just wasn’t sure I could commit to keeping up with my blog. I like to keep my life simple, and sometimes I find myself saying “OK” too often which results in me feeling overwhelmed.

So I just stopped writing.

I quit writing here, but I actually haven’t quit posting. You can find me on Instagram where I am VERY active! I’d LOVE to have you join my tribe, @jennyminard. 😉

Below is a video my hubby and I did one evening and posted to Instagram. We have started making gummies with NingXia Red because we want our kids to have some of this amazing liquid GOLD! Instead of giving each kid their own 2 oz. packet to drink daily, we just decided to make these little gummies and give them one daily!

They love them SO much and are pretty sad when we run out!

How to make NingXia Red gummies

NingXia Red is SO amazing, and when just one ounce of this stuff has an ORAC value of 1500, you know it’s worth keeping in your fridge! Oh, and these gummies? Soooo delicious!

Wanna get some NingXia of your own? Just click HERE! You won’t regret it!

How to Make NingXia Red Gummies - Jenny Minard

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