Underwater Mini Sessions

An Impromptu Photo Op


My boys… *sigh*  I just can’t get enough of them!  They are pretty much the two most handsome little boys on the planet!  And it’s all thanks to their stud-muffin Daddy (pictured below).  *wink*

We decided to take a walk around the yard on a particularly beautiful (yet buggie) day, to test out some rarely-used backdrop settings before a maternity shoot I would have that evening.  My model for that shoot would be my sister-in-law (photos soon to follow) who is due in just a week and  a half!

Below are my favorite images and please forgive the messy hair, play clothes, and dirty faces – they are boys after all!;-)

Did you happen to notice my eldest’s rolled-up-jean-shorts fashion statement?  Too cute! <3


Baby Ty | 9 days old


I am SO excited to finally have these images up!  Baby Ty’s session was two weeks ago, and it went amazingly well.  This little guy entered the world MUCH sooner than anyone could have guessed – 5 weeks early!  However, because he was so early and itty bitty, Baby Ty was the perfect little model for his session.  Oh, and did I mention how amazingly patient this baby was – I was there for FIVE HOURS!;-) So glad I stayed that long, otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten these adorable sports images – perfect for Daddy Kass’s man cave (hehe)!

It was so hard to pick my favorite image, hence why I included so many in this post, but if I HAD to narrow it down, I’d go with the froggie pose (2nd to last image).  Ty was so flexible and comfortable in every pose we did.  Please know that we were very careful with this sweet boy and had someone within arms reach of him at all times.  Safety is SO important with newborns, and we made sure to take extra special care of this little guy.  Oh yeah, and ALL these images were taken in Baby Ty’s hospital room (thanks to Ty’s momma for all the props and ideas).

Leave a little message for Baby Ty in the comments below.  Welcome to the world kiddo!

Throwback Thursday: A Day at Big Surf

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you’re probably used to seeing lots of glimpses of my day-to-day happenings.  It’s been such a joy to document the little, fleeting moments of my life, that I’ve decided to post a #throwbackThursday here on my blog.  If you have a smartphone, jump on the bandwagon NOW and sign up for a free Instagram account.  It’s SO fun!  Just don’t forget to follow me – just search for @jennyminardphoto and click “follow!”

Here is a snapshot of me and my three sisters (I’m the one with the adorable blue swimsuit and, ahem, lovely blonde mullet – thanks Mom)…

When:  I’m pretty bad with dates (but don’t worry, I’m sure my oldest sister Julie will comment below with the ACTUAL date… she’s good and know-it-allish like that), but since Katie is a baby in this photo, I’m guessing it was the summer of 1990.

Where:  Not 100% here, but I’m pretty sure this was taken at the Big Surf Water Park in Osage Beach.

Why I HEART this photo:  There are a number of reasons, so let me explain…

  1. I’m the tannest person in the photo.
  2. As I mentioned earlier… my lovely, blonde mullet.
  3. The “tassels” on Betsi’s suit (not sure what purpose they really serve).
  4. Katie’s E. NOR. MOUS. binkie (what’s up with that?).
  5. The fact you can see a lot of the park behind us.
  6. Apparently my swimsuit features cruise liners and giant pieces of cake out at sea!
  7. And this behind the scenes story:  I remember driving to the park that day in our family’s mini-van.  The middle seat had been taken out, and, while my Dad was driving, Julie and I were helping Betsi get into her swimsuit on the floor of the van (wow, totally unsafe) while singing “pants on a-Betsi and a boo boo boo!”


OK, so maybe I’m not THAT famous… per say.  But I WAS recently featured in a local publication.  WOOHOO!

Last fall, I was approached by a representative from the formerly named “From the Nest” magazine (now called “From Our Nest” – find them on Facebook HERE) to be the featured photographer for their 2014 spring issue.  ”Um, HELLO!  Duh!  Of course I will!” (not my exact words)  I had no idea what was required of me; I just knew I HAD to do it!  Thankfully, the process was pretty simple.  I was told, all I had to do was get in contact with the chosen local business owner who would be the “momtrepreneur” of the issue, find a time to meet, photograph her and her kids in her shop, edit the images, and send them in to the magazine.  Easy peasy, right?

Not completely.

Let’s just say it took awhile to coordinate our schedules… ahem!  You’d be surprised how hard it is for a stay-at-home-mom, such as myself, to find a time for Daddy (or someone else) to watch the kids in order to drive 45 minutes away to do a photoshoot for a magazine.  Plus for Amy, owner of the world’s cutest thrift store Sweet Repeats, it was tough set aside even just an hour photoshoot (people, this amazing gal has five kids AND owns her own business).  Phew!  As hard as it was to make it happen, Amy was awesome and so flexible.  Her kids were super great, too.  Even her two year old Goose (best name EVER), was a total pro in front of the camera!

In the end, this was a great experience, and I’d LOVE to do it again.  If you haven’t already, go find yourself a FREE copy of the spring 2014 issue of “From the Nest” magazine on newsstands now.  Don’t know where to find a copy?  Here are two GREAT suggestions:  Sweet Repeats in Nixa and Meek Chiropractic in Springfield!  Hurry while supplies last.  Oh, and before you go, be sure to leave us a comment below telling us your thoughts on this fun project!


Hey!  Our issue is currently featured on “From Our Nest’s” Facebook page.  AWESOME!!!

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